A strange, cute little robot that often finds itself in trouble. It doesn’t talk, but seems to be able to communicate to the other bots through beeping. What is its true purpose? Nobody seems to really know- maybe not even DR himself.









The Olibots

Originally conceived by DR as a kids’ toy, the Olibots never made it to market, but they’re cute. They consist of the sweet, tiny Sigma, the round, quiet Gamma, and the bitter, angry Delta. Sometimes they’ll argue amongst themselves. Gamma and Sigma seem to play well with the other bots, but Delta is always skeptical.










DR created Fitbot as a tool to motivate him (and others!) to be fit. Unfortunately, Fitbot’s dedication to fitness is terrifying and all-consuming, and Fitbot will stop at nothing in its relentless pursuit of being the swolest, fittest robot ever built.