The titular Pear is a mysterious little robot created by Dr for purposes unknown. It is mischievous and is always finding itself in some sort of predicament. It doesn’t talk, but instead communicates with the other robots through various sounds, such as beeping. Despite its cute and innocuous appearance, there seems to be more to Pear than it lets on.


One of the three Olibots created by Dr. Originally envisioned as kids’ toys, they never made it to market.

Delta is the perpetually grumpy Olibot, in stark contrast to the much more upbeat Gamma or Sigma. Delta doesn’t particularly like to spend time with the other bots, and doesn’t seem to care much for Dr, either.


Sigma is the tiniest of the three Olibots. It likes to think that it speaks for the trio, but really it mostly speaks for Gamma and itself.

Even though Sigma is small, it’s not afraid to put Delta in its place, especially when Delta mouths off. Sigma is level-headed and kind.


Gamma is the largest of the three Olibots, but it almost never speaks up. Gamma is timid and largely defaults to relying on Sigma to voice its opinions- or even say much of anything at all.

It is fine with the other bots, but is always seen hanging around Sigma, and will become distressed if they are separated too long.


Fitbot was envisioned by Dr to be a robot to help him (and others!) work out and live a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately for Dr, Fitbot is overzealous in its quest for fitness, eschewing everything else in order to be the swollest robot ever built.

Fitbot is loud, with no volume control whatsoever, and it has a tendency to blurt out things that land the bots in hot water. But deep down, Fitbot just wants to help people attain fitness- whether they want it or not.


A new robot built by Dr to help him keep watch over the other robots. Not much is known about Headbread, though it appears to be a nice, polite robot with a set of pretty mundane hobbies.


The man behind the robots, “Dr”, as he calls himself, lives alone in a gigantic mansion with his menagerie of creations. He is a kind man, albeit a tad bit naive and overly-optimistic. He has a tendency to slightly overreact sometimes.

Not much else is known about Dr- not even what his real name is or what he does for a living.