Well this is a bit awkward- sorry about missing a few updates there. ^^;

Without going into too much detail (Because this isn’t my personal blog / The Scientific Adventures of Kzuich Complains), I’ve been dealing with a lot of worsening health issues that have caused me to put maintaining the sites (this one and my CF Mirror) on a backburner for a while- and looks like I ran out of backlog. Oops!

It’s been difficult to draw lately, but I’m trying to manage- breaking pages down into little chunks to work on, taking frequent breaks to rest my hand, and accepting some level of imperfection (tough to do honestly- but you can’t let perfect be the enemy of good, as they say). It’s slowed down my progress a LOT, which is something I hate, but it is allowing me to get things done- just a lot more slowly.

For the people sticking around and being understanding- thanks a ton, it really does mean a lot to me to know that there are people still following my work even with bumps on the road.

Ahem. Okay back to the comic!

Cupcake finds out the hard way that doggie door doesn’t work anymore. Oops.